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Banks Lists

I have led you astray. I lured you to this spot with the promise of word banks. Technically this is not a word bank. It is a list of words that go with each of the letters as they are learned. Some have the letter in the beginning of the word, some at the end. Use them to play "Repeat After Me."

Words to go with each letter learned.

monster, tram, Milwaukee, minimum, macadam, maim, million, material, magnificent, mighty, confirm, chum, ham, mellow, arm, meat, clam, mom, multiply, alarm, mystery, firm, stem, harm, inform, mud, mechanism, many, minute, motor, Maggie, madam, mountain, music, medium, medicine, trim, middle, charm, melody.

seven, Sam, sunshine, bus, atlas, support, sorting, bakes, class, cress, San Diego, dress, second, sixteen, sifter, seventy, sunsets, gorgeous, success, Christmas, stops, lakes, sports, senior, superior, sis, summer, sudden, units, gets, stocking, sweets, sent, sofa, supper, fuss, cakes, famous, claps, spatter.

frontier, frown, calf, cliff, half, faster, funny, folder, fluff, father, belief, reef, if, fifty, further, elf, off, fling, brief, feast, factory, gruff, cuff, surf, huff, grief, loaf, deaf, puff, forest, relief, finger, find, freeway, five, friendly, turf, February, France, yourself.

bleach, scrub, barb, brook, Bob, grub lab, butler, crab, blurb, butterfly, bacon, cob, gob, jab, corncob, job, boiling drab, better, bathtub, brainstorm, tub, crib, biscuit, throb, bear, black, battle, basket, cub, beetle, bulb, billiard, blip, bib, button, butter, blotter, grab.

right, limit, today, table, tent, tender, jacket, headlight, coat, tallest, part, toast, transport, cut, terrible, total, travel , tension, tight, temper, temple, cannot, train, truant, cast, important, talking, terminal, last, trucking, quit, built, dart, trot, permanent, tangent, detergent, pennant, tenant.

plastic, capable, casual, arithmetic, clothing, Atlantic, coming, combat, music, camel, climax, clatter, conductor, attic, gigantic, elastic, curly, crushing, rustic, completion, Pacific, anemic, creature, drastic, canning, closure, hectic, candy, public, crush, Antarctic, dynamic, caustic, classic, carousel, electric, cursive, panic, havoc, crater.

When teaching the short vowels have your child divide the chalkboard into four Quarters. Tell her or him that you are going to say some words and that the 'aaa' sound (in this example we will use the short 'a') may be at the beginning or in the middle of the word. Your child then repeats the word after you. If she or he says 'aaa' then they should print 'a' -- if they don't say 'aaa' then they should leave their Quarter empty.

animal, afloat, late, after, accord, gosh, and, aster, boil, cob, mend, custard, agitate, monster, apple, terrible, anchor, tenth, antenna, antic, acting, appetite, approve, ash, black, angry, form, axe, cast, last, plaster, damp, Atlantic, taxi, antelope, waist, anniversary, admit, dog, dagger.

robin, reading, war, radar, ripe, lower, rarer, round, rasher, roper, pear, raisin, roar, romp, air, shower, roll, liar, power, chair, royal, rodeo, car, really, appear, rainy, door, wear, rapid, repair, rustler, runner, dear, river, rug, doctor, jar, poor, aster, roller.

land, peel, well, listen, heal, pail, retail, gill, pill, jail, natural, dial, steal, lettuce, litter, squeal, capital, initial, label, leap, log, deal, metal, shell, veil, pal, goal, leg, like, lead, lovely, later, leash, load, latch, lucky, creel, long, dreadful, legal.

deep, grip, plod, person, drip, yelp, penalty, gallop, nap, pretty, plenty, grasp, limp, thump, lamp, cheap, pried, poke, porcupine, shrimp, help, prop, trap, pup, public, pig, prison, purple, dip, dump, heap, poking, primp, pretend, punk, plump, plot, pork, chimp, purpose.

octopus, off, optimum, oddness, object, observant, occasional, omnibus, osmosis, Oscar, offset, operator, otter, officer, offer, omelet,

pot, sob, soft, lot, plot, slob, stop, plop, croft, mob, loft, pots, rot, mop, stops, cot, tops, clot, blots, robs, cop, flop, prop, cops, trots, slot, trot, blot, pompom, crops, spot, lots, top, Bob, prom, rob, cob, soft, plops, log.

doom, lard, mold, send, mood, dramatic, dead, did, dust, dart, told, distend, card, fund, dud, dad, bald, bold, bend, tried, dries, drastic, cord, called, dried, dashed, land, planned, broad, found, detailed, mud, dim, road, read, mend, dear, dried, sold, mid.

rug, garter, grub, gum, slug, gull, glitter, gust, gravel, dog, gold, mug, drag, stag, grab, gill, big, pig, brag, grass, gram, catalog, globes, tag, gulf, peg, great, grammar, leg, fog, tug, mug.

seen, tin, torn, refrain, train, news, fan, fun, green, near, begin, fallen, nest, national, been, neat, sin, bun, darn, town, fin, net, spin, mean, born, teen, blamed, napkin, named, flown.

warm, waist, wagon, waif, wit, west, warp, wood, wafer, win, wait, wharf, word, swat, well, wasp, worst, woolen, want, wed, war, wig, warn, wart, wall, wool, worm, wag, wolf, web.

imp, imagination, illustration, indeed, impart, impress, impair, import, important, indent, illegal, independent, impersonal, inboard, immoral, imperial.

hear, Helen, hurt, hurl, harp, heap, held, havoc, humor, hectic, half, hug, Harold, help, hazard, heel, hamster, hostess, Halloween, hotel, hammer, had, harm, haul, hop, harmless, horn, harp, horrible, habit.

joker, jester, jaguar, jackpot, journal, just, Janet, jail, John, jar, jeer, James, jewel, jump, joint, jargon, junior, Jerusalem, Jean, judged, jackal, Jeep, jacket, Japan, jog, jolt, jack, jut, juror, jig, Jim, jab.

kipper, keg, keen, Karen, kept, kennel, kernel, keep, kerchief, kelp, kilt, kid, kind, kiss, kitten, kink, kidnap, keeper, kinder, kick, kindness, keel, keen, kindergarten.

veil, verbal, veal, veer, violet, vault, valiant, vacuum, vertical, veteran, vain, velvet, valid, vacation, vagrant, vapor, Venus, various, volcanic, vast, vacant, violin, vagabond, ventriloquist.

under, unravel, unpack, unfair, upturn, umpteen, untold, unusual, unfed, utter, usher, until, uncoated, unarmed, uphold, unwrap, unfold, uproot, unfasten, uphill, underarm, undecided, upon, unzip, understand, untwist, uptown, undercut, upper, underwear.

yet, yell, yacht, yak, yam, yap, yard, yank, yarn, yes, year, yeast, York, yearn, yodel yawn, yip, yen, yolk, yield, yo-yo, yonder, yurt, your.

When teaching the 'qu' combination, have your child print 'qu' and at least the ending sound that they say.

quill, quell, queen, quit, quad, quilt, quiet, question, request, quiet, quarter, quaint, quest, quick, quarrel, quiver, quintuplet, inquest, quip, queer, quaver, quail, quart, quake, Quaker, equipment, equal, acquaint, equator, require, quiet, quieter.

zinc, whiz, jazz, zero, zebra, zoo, zoom, zeal, zest, zigzag, quiz, razz, zany, buzz, zap, zip, frizz, zipper, zeppelin, zircon.

ox, six, sex, box, fix, vex, pox, tax, fox, mix, exit, mix, ax, exam, exhaust, flax, extra, wax, relax, maximum.

wet, hem, red, mend, met, stem, bed, send, pet, hen, led, fled, lend, get, den, bled, bend, let, glen, sled, tend, net, wed, wend, set, pen, fed, spend, bet, quest, blend, west, tent, weld, nest, went, cleft, elf, best, sent, deft, leg, felt, lest, help, peg, keg, welt, test, trend, men, left, pep, pelt.

lastly: a fond adieu

Now you see why the Word Banks took so long!

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