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First a lesson on how to teach spelling

when you say a sound you write a letter

This is the relationship between speech and print. You teach four things at the same time:
  1. the name of the letter
  2. the way the letter is written
  3. the sound the letter stands for
  4. what we do with our mouth to form the sound


Since the first letter to be learned is m we can use it as the example.
  1. you say the letter name, m (em).
  2. you write the letter m on your little chalkboard while saying the name m.
  3. your child says the name while writing the letter in the air as you write the letter again on your chalkboard.
  4. your child writes the letter on their own chalkboard, saying the name while forming the letter. They should do this several times so that they can understand the link between the name and the letter.
  5. your child says m again, holding on to the sound -- "mmm" the sound m stands for.
  6. your child writes the letter m again on their chalkboard, saying the sound "mmm" as they write the letter.
  7. you ask the child to describe what they are doing with their mouths to make the sound "mmm".something like "I put my lips together."

You will become familiar with this routine, as will your child. Don't do more than one letter every other day. The drill should take only about five minutes.

next: sequencing.

No word banks yet. Sequencing first.

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