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Try to remember back to before you could read.

The whole concept of reading was a mystery. How did ideas get put on a piece of paper so that anyone could know them?

Keep that wonder in mind as you go through these lessons with your child. You and they are about to start a mysterious and amazing journey.

Think of this as a nature walk whose path you have traveled before. Allow your child to experience the adventure. You are there to guide and keep them on the path. There is no need to point out every leaf, they will see things in their own time. Remember to walk at their pace. They may want to stop and smell the flowers, or examine the ant hill. Let them. No matter how long it takes, be patient.

These lessons are based on the work of Marlene and Robert McCracken, pioneers in the teaching of holistic language learning.

The McCrackens' book Spelling Through Phonics is published by Portage & Main Press. You can order it from their website or by phoning 1-800-667-9673.