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There is an order to all this. Let's begin at the beginning.
No, not A B C...
M  S  F  T   B  C

But first there are a few things you will need to remember about Daily Whole Language Learning, and a few tools you should have at hand.

  1. Spelling is a skill.
    It takes a little teaching and a lot of practice.
    Practice means "often" not "prolonged."
    -- That's the DAILY part.

  2. This is a holistic approach to language learning.
    Your child will be interacting with you and with the words.
    She or he will see, say, hear, and feel (yes, feel) the letters and words.
    -- That's the WHOLE LANGUAGE LEARNING part.

  3. The necessary equipment consists of:

    That is a list of the essentials. Once you get those few things you will be fully equipped. *

    * The patience is up to you, but coming up are the word banks...

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