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Have you found mistakes on websites?

Sloppy work is an offense.
Turn the offenders over to the Spelling Police.

We are the professionals. Let us contact their site steward.
Your identity will not be disclosed.
- No need for witness relocation. -

Once you sight an error, let us cite their site.

The penalty is Community Service.
The offenders will be asked to pay a fine to their local library or literacy organization.

EITHER    -   Follow these simple steps and report errors on the fly. Copy our email address to your address book so we will be there when you need us.       error@SpellingPolice.com

When you come across another spelling error, go up to <File> and <Send Page...>
A new email message will appear with the URL of the offender. Just address the email to us and send it off. We will handle it from there.

OR   -   Pass the information on to us at central booking.

click image to report error

Thank you for your help. Move along home now. Nothing more to see here.